Blackpool Illuminations - it's the sounds our lights generate that sum up their sheer Autumn magic. The gasps of delight from the youngsters gazing at their playtime heroes as they view the giant clifftop tableaux for the first time.
The whispered laughter of courting couples on a late night back-lit Promenade stroll. Or the eagerly-shared memories of older visitors sitting in a seafront shelter reminiscing about that charabanc trip through the Illuminations all those years ago.

Yes, those are the sounds of crowds having fun in Blackpool, a resort still buzzing with life long after the so called rivals have pulled down their winter shutters. When it comes to shining examples, Blackpool is way out in front. Holidaymakers have tripped the Lights fantastic since 1879 when just electric arc lamps bathed the Promenade in what was described as artificial sunshine.

The basic idea remains the same but, it has to be said, the style, scale and sheer professionalism of today's version have little in keeping with that first electric lighting experiment. Traditional lamps are still used alongside the newest technology such as fibre-optics and low-voltage neon.

Blackpool's most electrifying night is when the Lights are switched on and the ceremony, a real razamatazz showcase, has been performed by all the biggest names. Stars of Coronation Street, maestro of the musicals Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, even Kermit the Frog have had the crowds cheering as fireworks hit the sky and the eye dazzling display gets under way.

Or why not enjoy a grandstand seat aboard a cleverly disguised tram - such as a Wild West Train or Space Rocket - where YOU actually become part of the display as you travel along the Promenade. Blackpool's end-of-season electrical extravaganza gives you the perfect excuse for taking a late break by the sea.

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